Dammit, I Love You

Love can hurt. We all know that. Whether the love has been a parent, a child, a lover, a friend, we’ve all walked into a situation with stars in our eyes and left with a black eye instead.

The 15 courageous people in this book share those stories. They remind us of what it feels like to hurt, but they also remind us of the strength those scars can foster. Being torn apart can be the one thing that makes us whole.

The stories in this book are true, though names were sometimes changed to protect the guilty.

Love might change us, but it will never weaken us. We are always stronger, dammit, because we love.

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Dammit, I Learned a Lot from That Son-of-a-Gun

dammit bookWhat happens when someone shares a story with us—a true story, a story from their heart-of-hearts?

We feel connected. We realize the commonality of our emotions. How we are, as human beings, all the same. We all falter. We all fear. We all stumble. And we can all come back stronger.

Every son-of-a-gun in this book of twelve new, true stories is different, but you’ll recognize each one. We’ve all had them in our lives, these sons-of-guns. And whether we love them or we hate them, they are our teachers. They impart some kernel of truth that we carry with us always.

You may not know these people, but you will know these stories. They’re about emotions we all feel—fear, anger, temptation, even those times you slap yourself on the forehead and call yourself an idiot. The circumstances may be different, but the pain, the heartache and the triumph, those remain true.

While the stories in this book are real, a detail may differ here or there. In certain cases, names were changed to protect the guilty.

Dammit, I Learned a Lot from That Son-of-a-Gun is the first book in the Dammit Book series. Dammit, I Love You is scheduled to be released later this year!

In the meantime, enjoy these stories, dammit!

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